Xavier Miserachs. Miserachs Barcelona | MACBA | 18.09.15 – 27.03.16

Miserachs Barcelona presents an exciting journey through time, an adventure in which the phantasmagorical character of the photographs is sometimes pure archaeology and at other times the present day. In the exhibition the images of Barcelona, blanc i negre come alive, constantly changing like the continual transformative energy of the city and its people. As with the photobook, the exhibition Miserachs Barcelonapresents urban experiences that are as fluid and instantaneous as the photos, forever incomplete and imperfect, yet retaining the ephemeral and resisting oblivion.

In Miserachs Barcelona, the viewer encounters the photos of Barcelona, blanc i negrearranged in the form of large murals, shop-windows, enlargements and projections. It opens with a twilight panorama, both unreal and documentary, that refers to the distant horizons of the cinema. Next, you enter the city, recreated in a Meccano-like construction that evokes the style of exhibition displays during the years in which Miserachs prepared his photobook. It is a model that began in the lecture halls of the Bauhaus and reached its photographic zenith with the portable structures used for The Family of Man. Later, you can literally walk through the pages of Miserachs’ photobook and the crowded streets and squares of a Barcelona without tourists, thanks to large three-dimensional enlargements that transform the space into a stage design in which the viewer becomes an active participant. A further space is dominated by changing projections, in which the viewer is immersed in a past and present that constantly merge. Finally, Barcelona, blanc i negre is displayed on a screen in full detail. Here we also find copies of the photobook and the meandering itineraries followed by Miserachs during its preparation.

Horacio Fernández

Production: exhibition organised and produced by the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA).
Curator: Horacio Fernández

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