Lucia C. Pino. Diogenes lesson | Tecla Sala Centre d’art de l’Hospitalet | 18.02.16 – 05.06.16

Diogenes advocated naked and manifested in an uninhibited way the excesses and vices of society. Art is also a way to rediscover moral values ​​and to reflect about the man. This exhibition wants to emphasize in a constant transgenerational of catalan conremporary artists that work from simplicity to get to the essence of the creative act as a way to understand the world and expose the vanity of consumption and entertainment culture.


Ignasi Aballí / Mar Arza /Joan Bennassar / David Bestué / Alfons Borrell / Luz Broto / Patrícia Dauder / Joan Furriols / Antoni Llena  / Jordi Mitjà / Marc Monzó / Jordi Pablo / Guillermo Pfaff / Lucía C. Pino / Jaume Pitarch / Ivo Sans / Daniel Steegmann / Víctor Sunyol / Rubèn Verdú / Oriol Vilapuig.