Manel Armengol | Can Sisteré | (Sta. Coloma de Gramenet) | The transition from the streets, 1976-1979 | 02.06.2016 – 24.07.2016

The transition from the streets, 1976 – 1979”, from the Badalona born photo journalist: Manel Armengol shows us a compilation of images, direct testimony of the late 1970s and its social fights and demands, urban landscapes and Barcelona inhabitants. Armengol (1949) is the author of one of the most famous picture of that time: the riot squad police charging against the amnesty protesters that took place in the San Juan promenade of Barcelona in February 1st, 1976.

The infamous photography soon turned into an icon, a denunciation of the political repression worldwide. Armengol worked as a special reporter and correspondent in many countries, until a serious accident forced him into to quit photo journalism and dedicates his work only to architectural and environmental photography. Now a day, he is a teacher – lecturer at the University of Barcelona and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He intensively exhibited over the years and wrote many essays for publishing and books companies.