Ana Tiscornia & Liliana Porter. Relatos cómplices II – collaborative works | Galería del Paseo (Lima) | 06.01.2017

21:00 hs Exclusive presentation of the video: News / Breaking news

Duration: 22 minutes

Concept and direction: Liliana Porter

Music: Sylvia Meyer

Co-direction: Ana Tiscornia

Filmography and editing: Federico Lo Bianco

Following the structure of a magazine, newspaper, radio or TV news, News / Breaking News (a 22 minute video) is proposed as a reflection on the nonlinearity of time, and reality as an inaprehensible concept. The video is composed of about 30 consecutive segments (sections), such as “Cultural”, “Fashion”, “International”, “Tourism” and “Social Affairs”. The cast includes a variety of objects found, souvenirs representing icons of political history, toy furniture, animals, musicians, soldiers and other mass-produced objects. All are from different backgrounds, and are related to various circumstances, but in the video they occur at the same time. Past and present become simultaneous, and the fragility of the human condition is revealed within the complexity of reality.