Alana Iturralde



Illinois, USA, 1988


Alana Iturralde Leon was born in Chicago and raised in Puerto Rico. She completed her MFA in Sculpture at SOVA at Penn State (State College, Pennsylvania) thanks to the Bunton-Waller Scholarships. She currently lives and works in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

Subsequent to her Bachelor of Sculpture from the School of Fine Arts and Design of Puerto Rico (2011), Iturralde has participated in numerous art residencies and independent initiatives and has had an active presence within the cultural platforms on the Island. She was a member of the Beta-Local Independent Study Program of the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico (2011-2012) and attended the summer school for young artists “Capacete” in Rio Janeiro, Brazil (2012).

Shortly after, Alana began her first explorations in the world of textiles that would culminate in her first solo exhibition at the “Cybelle Cartagena Studio” in San Juan, Puerto Rico, called “Everything solid vanishes into air” (2014). As a result of this exhibition, Iturralde was invited to Matadero Madrid Culture Center, in Madrid (Spain) where she carried out a production residency at “el Ranchito”, in which she developped the projects “Detener/Continuar” and “Manifesto to Fragility” (Matadero, 2015).

In addition, in 2017, Iturralde was selected from the Emerging Artist category of the “Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation Grants & Commissions Program” in Miami, Florida, for which she developed a ceramic piece titled “Energy Vessels” that was exhibitied at the Foundation that same year.

In 2019 Iturralde was invited to participate at Gassworks´ artist residence program.


Artistic Statement

In my practice, I transform and amplify some of the phenomena that exist within the poetics of craft and the subject of my identity. Illustrated with special attention, dedicated to craft, ceramics, textiles, photography, and video from my background as a sculptor. Reimagining the narrative of my identity through processes based work. Linked to ideas about craft as a poetic agent sui generis certain body awareness. In most of my recent work, this transformation is enhanced with the gesture of embroidering motifs in a repetitive manner, inspired by patterns designed for the cicadas. For me, the process of manual labour is the poetic agent, linked to the subjects of bodily conscience, decolonization, meditation and the active commitment/production of an emancipated identity. Possibly perceived as a homage to life and women beyond the binarisms”.