Sabine Finkenauer

In Another Way | Sabine Finkenauer

07/04/2018 - 18/05/2018

In Another Way | Sabine Finkenauer |

"De otra forma". Ana Mas Projects. 2018. @robertoruiz

In Another Way | Sabine Finkenauer |

"De otra forma". Ana Mas Projects, (Barcelona). 2018. ©robertoruiz

In Another Way | Sabine Finkenauer |

"De otra forma". Ana Mas Projects, (Barcelona). 2018. ©robertoruiz

In Another Way | Sabine Finkenauer |

"De otra forma". Ana Mas Projects, (Barcelona). 2018. ©robertoruiz

Acrylic gouache on paper
180 x 150 cm ea



De otra forma (In another way )

Ana Mas Proyects presents at its headquarters in Barcelona Sabine Finkenauer´s solo-show De Otra Forma (In Another Way).

The exhibition proposes a universe of its own poetics, a serene and delicate climate, composed of large-format works, mostly paintings, showing an innovative change in her body of work from the last five years.  Sabine´s work floats around childish and delicate stories, full of fantasy and femininity which proposes an underlying rereading of the abstract tradition, lacking all transcendentalism. For this reason it is reasonable to understand her process as the search of a lost innocence under simple and naive forms that appear essential, synthetic, almost architectural. In that process the artist weaves and builds a highly connotative world, stripped of drama, plunged into everyday triviality and letting out a naivety that is, at the same time, loaded with a discreet and subtle irony.

The universe of Finkenauer shows us a repertoire of elements with scarce narrative references: flowers, houses, trees, branches, bodies, geometric structures, color reticles, interiors, rooms, architectural insinuations. Inherited forms of surrealism and constructivism that distill a rationalist aesthetic, coming from children’s illustrations, Lego games and Bauhaus exercises. That vision is transferred into painting and integrates her work in the exhibition space.  Therefore, the exhibition “In Another Way”, aims to create an timeless atmophere in which the works walk between the complex limits of a simplicity that never wants to lose the charm of the fairy tale. A body of work in constant questioning confabulates the encounter seeking to transform itself when seen by others.

Sabine Finkenauer, born in 1961 in Rockenhausen (Germany). She specialized in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Since 1993, when she moved to Barcelona, the artist began to accumulate a long career experience, with presence and representation from galleries like Ana Mas Projects in Barcelona and Rafael Pérez Hernando in Madrid and contemporary art fairs such as ARCO Madrid, Artbo, Art Brussels, Art Amsterdam, Untitled Miami, among others. Is remarkable her participation in the Stadische Galerie, Germany, where she had a solo-show, and in the Drawing Center of New York, The Vila-casas Foundation and the Centenera foundation in Madrid where she participated in group shows. Her work is part of important collections such as the Vila Casas Foundation and Banc Sabadell.