SWAB2019 || Milena Rossignoli

26/09/2019 - 29/09/2019



Our participation in SWAB Art Fair will feature recent works by Milena Rossignoli.

In the practice of Milena there is a compelling meditation on architecture, the voice (or rather the whisper) of each place, the force of gravity and the space that the air needs to be, to make emptiness the protagonist and tension its gesture.

The artist is related to the space in small gestures of subjective deconstruction, where fragments seem to be torn from the ground, walls or windows and will later become unstable organisms that, installed in tension with their own weight, leave in evidence an aesthetic language based on a constant restlessness around the representation of the void.

She uses materials that are constantly challenged as she constantly tries to take them to their limits with gestures such as tensing and bending. Leaving them free of their original function, they become the basis of her spontaneous compositions in space. For the viewer, that change of signifiers becomes a reflection around the physical and emotional container of the experience.

A fabric in tension, folded and about to collapse, a comet about to fly or fall into the ground, two pieces of wood suspended in the air become poetic images, constrained emotions or thoughts, unable to fly or simply suspended there, in that blank space where Milena carefully places them.


About the artist:

Born in Ecuador (1990), Milena Rossignoli is raised in Italy where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and her Masters in Research and Design for Visual Arts in the same faculty. Since 2012 she has exhibited her work between Spain and Italy, receiving numerous awards, among which the Bilbao Arte (2019), the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (2017), the Premi d’art contemporani Fundació Privada Reddis, Tarragona ( 2016), Call 2014, Galeria Luis Adelantado, Valencia,Spain (2014). Her work is part of private collections in Italy and Mexico