Volta NY Art Fair 2017 | Quisqueya Henríquez

01/03/2017 - 05/03/2017

Volta NY Art Fair 2017 | Quisqueya Henríquez |



Quisqueya Henriquez, proposal for Volta NY 2017

“For Volta NY 2017, I am proposing works from the series “Ordinary

Objects (Equal Aesthetic Rights)” (2015-16), “Secret Possibilities

(2016)”, and “Body Reconstruction” (2015). These works speak the

language of abstraction and appropriation, mainly from the XX

Century, and abound in historical and social references, always in

dialogue with my own cultural surroundings.

Throughout my work, the constant references to abstraction and

appropriation coexist with different narratives emerging from the

media, other disciplines, and the use of certain materials and subjects.

This frames my artistic practice in a continuous conceptual tension

between diverging definitions of culture, gender and racial stereotypes,

micro-politics, and the connection between the local and global


Some of my work also ponders the role of rigid categories such as

High and Low Culture. It questions how and who creates the aesthetic

hierarchies in Western Culture, the place of geopolitics in Art History,

and the legitimacy and sources of authorship.

The foregoing are the common threads that run throughout the works

I am proposing for Volta NY 2017.”