Alberto Peral Nudos

12 Jun - 05 Sep 2015


Act 32: Alberto Peral. Nudos (Knots) presents the latest works by this artist made specifically for the Nivell Zero. A work thought from sculpture where each element, despite being autonomous, establishes a common thread that communicates the different works with each other.

His installations connect the exterior and interior of the exhibition space in that game of doubles usual in his sculpture, which transforms walls, floors and works into a representational environment of great symbolic force.

As Manuel Segade points out in the text of the catalog, the walls of the room are hollowed out and clad in ceramic or are projected by means of a formal prosthesis of metal tubes. For its part, the patio floor reveals its built nature: its tiles become an intrinsic part of the project by becoming a material rearranged by a sculptural and geometric will that seems to re-educate the space and demonstrate its capacity for mutation.

In Alberto Peral’s sculptures, the power of representation that affects the real is also evident. Its simple, subtle and highly aesthetic vocabulary is striking, reduced to the formal families of the circle and the triangle, or the sphere and the cone. This repertoire is also a game of reflections: they are double forms, inside and outside or inside and outside, with reversed or inserted materials.

Installation views