Regina Gimenez AMP at Artissima 2022, Torino

04 Nov - 06 Nov 2022

Ana Mas Projects will be present in the Artissima 2022 edition. For this occasion, the gallery is pleased to participate with a solo show of the Spanish artist Regina Gimenez.

The show will gather together a selection of recent mixed media works on cardboard which constitute the natural evolution of the Geo-Graphics series she star­ted in 2021.

In absolute coherence with her characteristic language composed by simple geometric forms and spot colors, this group of collages and mixed media pieces will present altogether a beautiful and harmonic set of com­positions of vibrant colors and simple shapes where universal dialogues materialize. Dialogues such as the one that abstraction maintains with figuration, figure with form, color with black and white, the pictorial with the conceptual, the image with its representation, the text with the graphic representation, architecture with landscape, the whole with the fragment, or industry with art.

Artissima 2022 will take place from 4th to 6th November 2022 at Torino, Italy.


Gimenez´s artistic practice draws directly from the simplicity of the avant-garde architecture and design, and the Russian Constructivism and Suprematism that sought the democratization of form, and to make art available to everyone. In a more philosophical basis these movements had the ambition of an utopical spiritual harmony and common social order. These issues were related to the idea of the physical and spiritual liberation of the individual, traveling through space in front of the vastness of the universe. It gave them great freedom to experiment with production processes and format solutions, erasing historical references and starting with a new and free canon, far removed from the destruction and absurdi­ty of the traditional order and world wars. Curiously, this holistic vision of the world as a harmonic biocosm can be widely contemporary to us, and it is for this very reason that this movement is once again felt both for its aesthetics and for its creative thought.

Accordingly, Regina Gimienez’s compositions are so visually connected to artists such as Joan Miró, Anny Albers, Sonia Delaunay, Paul Klee, Vasili Kandinsky or the cosmic geometries of Kazimir Malevitx.