Àngels Ribé Àngels Ribé participates in 'La propera mutació' at Caixaforum

21 Oct 2021 - 14 Feb 2022

“La propera mutació” focuses on those artistic practices that help us understand the world from interdependence and plurality. Considering a genealogy of shared intentions, the exhibition traces how artists have worked the object from the sensorial, intimate and ephemeral, to affectively engage the public. By tracing the performativity of the object, the exhibition seeks how the zones of contact and proximity position us as participating entities, latent and situated with and in our surroundings. The exhibition propitiates multiple combinations between bodies and objects, seeking in the mixture an appreciation of the differences and alterations of the known that propel us towards a horizon of transformation, a testing ground for thinking about how we relate to and inhabit the planet.