Raúl Díaz Reyes



Madrid, Spain, 1977


Raúl Díaz Reyes, is a Spanish multi-media artist who lives between Madrid and São Paulo. He is a Superior Technician in Engraving and Stamping Techniques, and in Advertising Graphics, both degrees obtained at the Escuela de Arte Número Diez in Madrid. He currently lives in Madrid and develops his work between Spain and Brazil.

His artistic practice combines research work in the field of graphics with the practice of photography and interventions in public spaces. His works break disciplinary boundaries, heading towards a resounding contemporaneity in which languages ​​move away from convention and inviting the viewer to form a panoramic view of the environments. The association that he establishes between plastic creation and architecture, as well as the mixture of materials, helps him to talk about the city in relation to its inhabitants, always as a dynamic system in constant movement and alteration. In this way, there are no dimensional limits, there are no technical laws: photography is seen as sculpture, and painting enters it.

As he well explains, the fruits of this reflection on the city as a place of interaction and change “question the exhibition models, altering codes and giving rise to new landscapes of multiple possibilities.”

Among his most recent solo exhibitions, worth mentioning Jardins, Galería Ponce + Robles, Madrid (2019); Vocabulary for Settling Vertigos, Galería Raquel Arnaud, São Paulo (2019); Dapple and Dazzle (with Colin Penno. Curated by Domenico de Chirico) Osnova Gallery, Moscow (2019). His work has also been part of numerous group exhibitions in public and private cultural spaces in cities such as Madrid, São Paulo, Miami, Lima, Moscow, New York or Barcelona.

Throughout his career, he has been acknowledged with various awards and scholarships, including: KUNA Award, ARCO Madrid 2020, the Art and Law Foundation Award (2008), Aid for the Promotion of Contemporary Art from the Ministry of Culture of Spain (years 2013 and 2011), the Creation Grant for Contemporary Artistic MATADERO MADRID (2010), Aid for the Production of Plastic Arts of the Community of Madrid (2009) or two Mentions oh Honour of the Carmen Arocena Prize (2007 and 2008). He has participated in artistic residencies such as; Ateliê Fidalga, São Paulo (2016); PIVÔ; São Paulo (2014); SLAUGHTERHOUSE MADRID; Madrid (2014); Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) New York (2013); FAAP, São Paulo (2011); Casa das Caldeiras, São Paulo (2010); Kloster Betlage, Rheine (2007) or the Joan Miró Foundation; Palma de Mallorca (2003).

His work is part of public and private collections such as the National Calcography, Museo Casa de la Moneda, TEG of Guatemala, the BBVA Foundation, the Kloster Bentlage Foundation of Germany, the CEIM Foundation,the Community of Madrid Collection, or the General Directorate of Equal Opportunities, among others.