Regina Gimenez ‘Brillantes y pálidas. Gigantes y enanas’ at Luis Adelantado

23 Apr - 28 May 2021

Regina Giménez is now on view at her solo exhibition ‘Brillantes y pálidas. Gigantes y enanas’ at galería Luis Adelantado (Valencia, Spain).

The exhibition brings together a selection of pieces from her constant research on abstraction, whose central axis will be a powerful installation of several large-format textiles that cross the central space of the two rooms occupied by the exhibition. The registration of geometric figures on the covers of books, cardboard or reusable papers make up the works, intermingling their most immediate references.

The title refers to the characteristics of the stars which temperature, brightness and size can be estimated from its color. The artist uses

the Hertzsprung Russel diagram, which organizes the types of stars by brightness and temperature, giving rise to a diagonal or main sequence, and which Regina strips of intelligibility until it completely loses its reference, taking it to the field of contemporary art. Brillantes pálidas. Gigantes y enanas also refers to the scale and characteristics of the pieces that make up the entire exhibition, from the small studio sketches to the large canvases.


‘Brillantes y pálidas. Gigantes y enanas’

Galería Luis Adelantado, Valencia

23.04 – 28.05.21