Carmen Mariscal 'Notes on a Journey. On Matter, Extractivism and Displacement' at Galeria Presença

19 Mar 2022

Carmen Mariscal´s work has addressed the question of memory through the concept of habitat (or dwelling) for the past two decades. For her, the first habitat of human beings is their body, followed by the clothes they wear, as well as the homes, cities and public spaces that contain them. Carmen explores the presence of traces of memory in these human habitats.

For the project ‘Tláloc, Contadero’ the artist presents films and photographs of her encounter with the last process of destruction of her childhood home in Mexico City. In this embodied experience, which is filmed, she finds herself confronted to an excavator (or power shovel) and starts digging next to it. As an archaeologist, she re-arranges the last remains of what used to be the house where she grew up in. She uses her hands and water as means to reveal the underlying matter. In the film, she also walks barefooted between the intact garden and the ruins of the house, she constantly stares at the excavated land where her house once stood, engaging and disengaging with it. What has been extracted? What remains?