Humberto Rivas Conversation between José A. Aristizábal and Frederic Montornés

19 May 2022

Next Thursday, May 19 at 6:30 p.m., José Antonio Aristizábal and Frederic Montornés will offer a colloquium within the framework of the current exhibition ‘What he did not rule out’, by Humberto Rivas. 

Aristizabal’s recent publication ‘Humberto Rivas: Buenos Aires / Barcelona, ​​or the renewal of Spanish photography (1970 – 2000)’ [Casimiro Libros, Madrid, 2022] will serve as a starting point to draw lines and end up delving into the actual themes in the exhibition’s selection of works. 

Domestic interiors, lowered shutters, boarded up doors or mysterious gardens in which the trace of something that happened can still be breathed. A selection of black and white photographs that offers a look at a lesser-known facet of the Argentine photographer, much more intimate, more poetic. Devoid scenes stopped in time that Rivas himself develop but that he did not showcase. 


May 19th 2022 

6:30 pm 

Ana Mas Projects, Barcelona 

Free entrance  

If you can’t come, follow the event live on our Instagram! 


José A. Aristizábal has a doctorate in Art History from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, is part of the external teaching team of the Official Master’s Degree in Analysis and Management of Artistic Heritage, and is a collaborator of the GRETA research group of the same university. He has participated in different projects linked to Xarxaprod in the IDENSITAT and HANGAR venues. Among his most important publications are: “Humberto Rivas: Buenos Aires/Barcelona o la renovación de la fotografía española (1970-2000)” (Casimiro, 2022) [Humberto Rivas: Buenos Aires/Barcelona or the renewal of Spanish photography (1970-2000)] (Casimiro, 2022) and “Mujeres fotógrafas latinoamericas: una historia complementaria (1860-1980)”[Latin American women photographers: a complementary history (1860-1980)] ( Digital Deposit of the University of Barcelona, 2014). 

Frederic Montornés is an art critic and independent curator. He graduated in Art History at the University of Barcelona and later studied at the Center National d’Art Contemporain de Grenoble Le Magasin. His professional career began with several cycles of exhibitions at Espai 13 of the Fundació Miró during 1991 and 1994. He has worked and organized exhibitions at various centers in Barcelona, such as La Capella (1996-1997) or the Palau de la Virreina (2002 -2004), at Zé dos Bois (Lisbon, 1999), Centro de Arte Joven (Madrid, 1998), Galería Luis Adelantado (Valencia, 1998) and the Cervantes Institute in Rome (1999), among other places. Between 2004 and 2007 he was part of the curatorial group of the Center d’Arts Santa Mònica.