Regina Gimenez On Mediation

10 Jul 2021

Olga Sureda entrevista a Regina Giménez para On Mediation Platform.

In your work, do you recognize direct relationships with the outside world, such as the architecture and landscape of our consumer society, or is it an inner look?

My last solo exhibition at the Ana Mas Projects gallery in Barcelona, ​​last February 2017, was entitled Adopt another nature. This title made reference to what we could find exhibited in the gallery; It was not a conventional painting exhibition, and I will try to explain why. For the past two years or so, people from different backgrounds chose my work to be part of theirs, thereby adopting what I called «other nature.» I collaborated with the fashion designer Isabel Marant, who made a collection stamped with my work. A Californian musician used a collage of mine for the cover of his LP, and a small French stationery company released drawing books with a work of mine printed on the cover. These relationships gave rise to an exhibition where paintings, dresses, notebooks and other objects were mixed, and a relationship with the world was created outside the artist’s workshop and a reflection on how we consume art and on the relationships that maintain a large consumer market with the restrictive market of art in capital letters, that of the original work. We see it every day when we enter the shops of the most important museums.


On Mediation Platform, 10 de Julio de 2021