Willem de Haan A Great Purchase

22 Jun - 08 Sep 2021


For his solo exhibition ‘A Great Purchase’ at Ana Mas Projects, Willem de Haan (Netherlands, 1996) replicates the interiors of various anonymous collectors’ homes. Inside these replicas hang the original artworks of artists represented by the gallery, which have been purchased by these collectors over the past years. Works that, for the first time after their acquisition, are now returning to the gallery intimately accompanied by their present-day surroundings.

Through this proposal, De Haan challenges the established global go-to-exhibition model, the white cube, designed in the early twentieth century with the aim to minimise distraction while contemplating artworks, and that has led to an excess of emptiness around every artwork. Is this artwork’s actual final stage? Its ultimate form? Eventually, many artworks end up spending most of their lives in collectors’ homes where, unlike the characteristic aseptic museum or gallery presentation, the artwork is in conversation with every aspect of it’s domestic surrounding. Daily objects, pets, typical architecture or the views from the window, are all allowed by collectors to enhance the artwork’s own potential.

In exchange of the artwork they are lending from their private collections, during the period of the exhibition, collectors are offered the opportunity to fill the empty spot in their homes with a temporary replacement work. Each collector would choose from a selection of unsold works from the gallery storage.

Thus, this exhibition is not only activated and showcased at the gallery space, but also an essential part takes place outside of its limits, in the homes of the respective collectors.


Exhibition in collaboration with Gracias por su visita and carried out within the framework of the programming of Art Nou 2021 .

Installation views