Àngels Ribé From Above

06 Apr - 22 Jul 2022


The first aspect to take into account in From Above is that it is a site specific installation by Àngels Ribé for art3, and the installation format is perhaps the record of presentation that the artist enjoys the most. The installation language not only allows you a passable, habitable staging, where the public is an active part of what happens there, but also implies a performative rhythm. On the one hand, it supposes an individual, intimate and silent act of observation; on the other, disguised as kindness, it hides an apparently harmless but terrible collective ritual. 

The second aspect has to do with distances and scales; a perceptual game which Àngels Ribé has been practicing for many years. In her work, the macro and the micro cross endlessly, exploring a notion of nature that does not impose a gaze over the landscape. His relationship with nature thus becomes an ancestral gesture, a pure essence of a way of understanding art and life that does not seek to convince us of anything. 

It does not give lessons, it does not illustrate, it does not maintain militancy. Her works just happen at the same speed things happen. 

To do this, From Above mixes intimacy and festivity, and does so following the literal poetry of its title. The idea of ​​looking up works like unattainable desire. In turn, looking from above hides an act of hierarchy, domination of the environment. 

A kind of telescope, prepared for the vision of a single person, magnifies a small almost imperceptible detail. A precious stone, a broken topaz capable of transform into a mountain, a mountain range, a world. A solemn, sublime place, but in miniature, and only in a distant image. A romantic longing, where the terrifying disappears to make way exclusively for beauty. 

A homemade cake, made by the artist, and in the form of a lush snowy forest, is offered to the public during the opening day. It is a pleasant and enjoyable social moment, although its edible status makes it a small-scale loss. In short, From Above thus unites two antagonistic experiences: access to wonder and the reckless destruction of those it does not surround. 

Text by David Armengol 

Installation views