Laercio Redondo, Fito Conesa, Jen Hitchings, Tamara Arroyo, Jordi Ribes Ya no baila la luz en mi sonrisa. Capítulo II. Lugar

13 Nov - 30 Dec 2021
Ya no baila la luz en mi sonrisa. Capítulo II. Lugar


Ana Mas Projects is pleased to present Lugar (Place), the second exhibition of Ya no baila la luz en mi sonrisa (Light dances no longer in my smile), a series of group exhibitions that the gallery presents on an annual basis. For this occasion, Fito Conesa, Jen Hitchings, Jordi Ribes, Laercio Redondo and Tamara Arroyo present works that are like maps or compasses of their respective conceptual and aesthetic geographies.

The exhibition revisits the idea of non-place by Marc Augé (Poitiers, 1935), scrutinising outside of the ephemeral and depersonalised spaces that the artist contemplates or mapping the fleeting and the foreign in memories, longings and subjects. The spaces of circulation, acceleration and anonymous confluence described by Augé become, in this exhibition, places where the permanence is negotiable and where being and passing become interchangeable concepts.

Jen Hitchings’ drawings and paintings, understood as imaginary landscapes linked to the memory and the drive towards everything rural, speak to us about natural surroundings, related in the past, which die down with the lethal passing of humanity as an extinct plague, an ephemeral inhabitant of a natural non-place.

Tamara Arroyo, for her part, presents a work that deals with the habitability as a direct consequence of the need for permanence, turning into individual and collective memory to articulate a discourse about the quotidian spaces that we unconsciously inhabit. And as Arroyo questions the habitable non-places, Laercio Redondo presents an installation, or body-place, that holds ideas and concepts associated with Luz del Fuego, a Brazilian dancer, naturist and feminist, who, in this exhibition, dwells in a work that is subject and object, landscape and crossing area at the same time.

There is also a non-place between the pictorial and the digital and it is precisely this limbo that Jordi Ribes explores in his painting, evoking worlds halfway between the traditional and the contemporary, the naïve and the perverse, the familiar and the unknown. This notion of alternative worlds around which Ribes orbits is also the object of study of Fito Conesa’s virtual animations, which, verging on science fiction, narrates the existence of realities outside the palpable universe, and of places deprived of time, only inhabited by fragilities, obsessions and maybe even gamma waves.

Spun as a network of perceptions, Lugar (Place) is a series of works that function as spaces, pieces that ask to populate and be populated. It is an atlas of ephemeral places that the artists activate with their respective imaginaries, which invite to pass to anyone who, by accident or willingly, becomes their circumstantial inhabitant.

Installation views