Lucía C. Pino 'Floating bodies/Cossos flotants' at Drassanes del Grau, Valencia

13 Sep - 11 Dec 2022

Lucía C. Pino is part of the exhibition Floating bodies/Cossos flotants”, curated by Johanna Caplliure, where she present two of her recent sculptures, Anhelo (2021) and Lamia (2021).

‘Floating Bodies / Cossos flotants’ is the story of the bodies that emerged from the water after been through a muddy experience. They tell us about the transformation, the experience of our bodies in a wounded planet where the exchanges with another being are part of our own survival. Thus, the metaphor of the water as a space of fluctuation, movement and transformation serves us to build a speculative fabulation about the shared future that modifies the landscape we constitute. The idea of a big floating body offers us abilities to cohabit this world by empowering the opening of different presents. The creatures that occupy the depths of the planet, as well as the effervescent mythological figures that rise in its transition, promote the invention of new political and affective imaginaries.

Themes such as the ecologic transition, the relationship with other species, the diseases of Capital over our bodies, the biomechanical transformations such as war machines and desiring machines (Deleuze and Guattari) or the speculation on new shapes of agency circulate throughout the exhibition. This project is interested in stretching the perceptions of different audiences, altering their consciousness, towards other more fluid and provisional parameters where mental projections go beyond the physical limits towards an open poetics. These images act together under the resonance of the waves of the sea, of a vital subterranean flow that unites them in a game of associations between the artificial and the natural, the mythical and the physical, the fictitious and the real.

Matter and transition are the protagonists in the expanded sculptures of Lucía C. Pino that combine the fragility, precariousness and instability of the corporeal human or the phantasmatic animal taking over the museum space. They would be, therefore, membrane-bodies or armor-shells, Anhelo and Lamia, that contort making visible the frictions of the system in a speculation about a possible future.

Floating Bodies/ Cossos flotants would then provide us with a vision that not even the most dystopian readings would have drawn about our present.

The exhibition brings together the work of five artists: Rosana Antolí, Inma Femenía, Lucía C. Pino, Amanda Moreno and Bella Báguena.


Floating Bodies/ Cossos flotants

13.09 – 11.12.2022

Drassanes del Grau, Valencia


Image by Juan Peiró