Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe ‘Flores y frutos’ at Banco de España, Madrid

26 Oct 2022 - 25 Feb 2023

Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe participates in the exhibition ‘Flores y Frutos’ [Flowers and Fruits] curated by Yolanda Romero with works from Banco de España Collection in the halls of its headquarters in Madrid.

The exhibition, which brings together nearly fifty works by more than thirty artists and is a journey from the origins of these genres, in the Baroque, to the present day, constitutes a unique opportunity to approach the contemporary collections of Banco España’s collection on a suggestive journey through various artistic media: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, tapestries and other decorative art objects.

In the Modern Age, precisely when the still life genre was developing, the colonial expeditions and the encounter with new species promoted symbiosis between the scientific and the artistic, such as the visual record and classification of plants, flowers and fruits. These disciplines, developed from the powerful European metropolises, have left their mark in the discourses of numerous artists such as Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe who, in recent decades, have launched a decolonial gaze towards those practices whose hindrances are felt today.

Between the criticism of the exotic and the recovery of that taxonomic mentality for diverse purposes, the section in which Hakihiiwe’s drawings are included brings together a series of creators who adhere to those views of the dynamics of inequality and abuse born in colonial period, and also invite us to rethink the boundaries between disciplines and their relationship with power. Plants and flowers, seeds and fruits, often serve as a metaphor for human beings: among the leaves that make up this rare botanical cabinet, suggestive reflections are displayed on forced migrations and against all will, communities at risk of disappearance or forms to live and coexist with nature resistant to the massive exploitation of resources and its consequences.

The three works with which Hakihiiwe participates are part of the Banco de España collection thanks to an acquisition promoted last year by Ana Mas Projects in collaboration with the Abra Caracas gallery as a result of the ‘Watori’ exhibition that took place in the gallery within the framework of the Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2021.


Flores y frutos’

Curated by Yolanda Romero

26.10. 202225.02. 2023

Banco de España, Madrid

Artists: Paula Anta, Juan de Arellano, Alberto Baraya, Giovanni Battista Crescenzi, Lothar Baumgarten, Francisco Bores, Hannah Collins, Gabriel de la Corte, Pancho Cossío, Hans-Peter Feldman, Joan Fontcuberta, Sandra Gamarra, João Maria y Pedro Gusmão y Paiva, Federico Guzmán, Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe, Joan Hernández Pizjuán, Fritzia Irízar, Carmen Laffón, María Loboda, Francisco López Hernández, Linarejos Moreno, Vik Muniz, Antoni Muntadas, Geraert Peemans, Gonzalo Puch, Xavier Ribas, Antonio Saura, Wolfgang Tillmans, Miguel Ángel Tornero, Juan van der Hamen y León, Rafael Zabaleta.