Lucía C. Pino 'HIPEROBJECTES (o ésser en tremolor)', at CC Can Felipa

05 May - 17 Jul 2022

Lucía C. Pino participates in the collective exhibition ‘HIPEROBJECTES (o ésser en tremolor)’[Hyperobjects (or beings in tremor)] curated by Patricia Marqués.

We are witnessing the transformation of our species from a simple biological agent to a fairly geological one, that is, into a species that will disappear faster than the changes it will have caused in the biological balance of the Earth. Starting from this premise, “hyperobjectes” is the name given by the philosopher Timothy Morton to a relatively new type of phenomena or entities that challenge our perception of time and space because, among other characteristics, they are distributed around the globe in such a way that they cannot be grasped by us immediately, or because they persist and produce effects whose duration far exceeds the scales of individual life, collective life and, plausibly, the duration of the species. Examples of hyperobjects are radioactive materials and other industrial waste, as well as global warming and related environmental changes that will have to last billions of years. Also a black hole, an oil field, the biosphere, the solar system, all nuclear materials, plutonium, uranium, or a long-lasting human-made product (such as polystyrene and plastic bags) and even the sum of all the machinery of capitalism.

Artists: Artistes: Anna Irina Russell, Marc Larré, Pedro Torres, Mario Santamaría, Paula Bruna, María Castellanos and Alberto Valverde, Mònica Planes, Julia Varela, Lucía C.Pino, Eva Fàbregas, Jean Denant and Miguel Sbastida.