Joaquim Chancho 'La mirada compartida' at Espai Alfolí de la Sal, Museu de l'Escala

01 Sep - 07 Nov 2021

Joaquin Chancho participates in the exhibition ‘La mirada compartida: Joaquim Chancho i Joan Puig Guillot‘ at Espai Alfolí de la Sal, Museu de l’Escala (Girona).

With this exhibition we want to show a part of the Puig Guillot collection, which its owner –Joan Puig Guillot (L’Escala, Girona, 1929-L’Ametlla del Vallès, Barcelona, ​​2020) – has donated to his hometown, L’Escala . The collection, made up of 226 works, is currently managed by the Ajuntament de l’Escala and the Fundació Vila Casas, which also guards it. With this collaboration, both entities want to preserve and make known a legacy through which our most immediate present is revealed to us.

Of the set of works, about sixty belong to the artist Joaquim Chancho (Riudoms, Tarragona, 1943), one of the main exponents of current European abstraction. Seduced by silence, geometry and natural cycles, his work becomes an example of a search for the limits of painting and its multiple and heterodox possibilities. Ultimately, these are essential works that allow us to understand the alphabet of geometric abstraction by this internationally renowned author.

Through The Shared Look: Joaquim Chancho and Joan Puig Guillot we want to show a selection of works by the painter from Tarragona that were acquired by Joan Puig Guillot over time. The complicity that emerged in the various visits to the painter’s studio gave rise to a shared gaze – that of the collector who compiles the world that seduces him and that of the painter who finds himself in his work after a period of silence. As Walter Benjamin well alerted us in the well-known essay of him Unpacking my library: “All passion borders on chaotic, but the passion of the collector borders on a chaos of memories”. Our active gaze cannot but reveal the heartbeat of this perpetual gaze.

Curator: Natalia Chocarro