Lucía C. Pino 'LAS MALAS', at La Casa Encendida

24 May - 18 Sep 2022

LAS MALAS [BAD GIRLS], curated by Núria Gómez Gabriel, is an exhibition that explores the idea of evil as a way of thinking and as a place for the compositional genesis of material structures, communities, behaviours, settings, taboos, prohibitions, fears and desires found at the core of every ideology, of every generally accepted social reality and its ethical and moral codes. Based on this premise, the show is conceived as a stage for the speculative material critique of the psychological tropes of contemporary horror through a convergence of cross-disciplinary artistic practices that displace the stereotyped images of alterity and their field of material interactions.

Artists: dj_Sônia, Elif Satanaya Özbay, Marian Garrido, Álvaro Chior, Raquel G. Ibáñez, Lucía C. Pino, Andrea González and Eva Geist

The exhibition is part of the Inéditos 2022 Call for curators promoted by La Casa Encendida of Fundación Montemadrid.