Regina Gimenez 'Luz del mundo' at Canónica de Santa María de Vilabertran

23 Jul - 26 Sep 2021

Regina Giménez participates in the exhibition ‘Luz del Mundo’ at Canónica de Santa María de Vilabertran, with the collaboration of Bòlit (Girona).

Luz del Mundo

Throughout the history of art, light has been represented symbolically or directly as a natural phenomenon. In Romanesque art light is represented by lighter colors, while in contemporary art light is exalted thanks to technology. Beyond the abundant approaches to light from spirituality or religion, the fascination for the most enigmatic elements of nature, such as the stars and the light they emit, has motivated the works of artists such as Rosa Tharrats and Regina Giménez.

In the case of Rosa Tharrats, light becomes the indispensable element that activates works in which, as happens in medieval stained glass windows, it passes through matter, to transform it, filling it with life and color. Instead, Regina Giménez represents the stars in space and the intensity of their light through a conventional scale of colors and a sequence of letters that is established by academic astrophysics. In this way the artist proposes an analysis and a contrast between artistic and scientific representation.

The works presented by the two artists have in common an interest in nature, and in particular, in light, as well as the work on projects from painting, the conceptualization of the themes and the manifest will to base them by establishing links with knowledge. humanist and scientist, in addition to positioning themselves, both, in respect for the environment, as we see in the use of natural materials with which they make their works.


Dialogues: painting, music and heritage
Light of the world
Rosa Tharrats and Regina Giménez
Curator: Carme Sais
From July 23 to September 26, 2021
Opening: Friday, July 23 at 7:00 p.m.
Exhibition within the framework of the Schubertíada de Vilabertran 2021 festival
Canónica de Santa María de Vilabertran