Lucía C. Pino, Antoni Llena 'Panta rei. Tot flueix. Antoni Llena i Lucía C. Pino' at Centre Cultural - Llibreria Blanquerna

24 Feb 2022

Coinciding with ARCOmadrid opens the exhibition ‘Panta Rei. Tot flueix. Antoni Llena i Lucía C. Pino’, curated by Antònia Maria Perelló.

Perpetual change, constant flux, is an outstanding feature of the production of both artists. The expression of this incessant transformation is manifested in the choice of materials that, in their precariousness, evidence the indifference of both artists for the perdurability and tangible transcendence of their works. They choose simple, ordinary materials, some natural, others artificial and, on occasion, remnants of our industrialized society, which speak of human fragility and, with their symbolism, are a metaphor for our languishing society and, at the same time, a critique of unbridled consumerism.

While Lucía C. Pino experiments with the evolution and physical transformation of the materials she uses, Antoni Llena witnesses, unperturbed, the withering and decay of his delicate papers. Both attitudes, impregnated with a contingent poverty, evidence the fragility of the crumbling world and the human greed that endangers it. This awareness of the generalized futility invites us to reconnect with nature and respect. We can speak of a contemporary environmentalism at the base of Llena’s and C. Pino’s art, which reveals an intimate and deeply political attitude.