Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe ‘Parimi Nahi’ at Centro de Arte Los Galapones, Caracas

24 Sep - 20 Nov 2022

ABRA Gallery presents a new individual exhibition by the Venezuelan-Yanomami artist Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe, entitled ‘PARIMI NAHI’ (The eternal house of the shaman).

‘PARIMI NAHI’ is an exhibition in which Hakihiiwe gives continuity to the archive that his art evokes. On this occasion, he brings us closer to reflections on the spirit of the shaman, as well as the observation of gadgets for daily and common use in his community. His works expand and blur our ways of approaching the world. Those who contemplate them find in their lines a possible rereading of the human condition and our place on Earth. It is an alternative canon to cultural hegemony where the ancient meets the contemporary.

Thus, the researcher Noraeden Mora warns in the exhibition text that this set of works expands the idea of ​​art that we know, and in that generous gesture of Sheroanawe, generates new connections that pose questions about the assumptions and frontiers of thought. The human-animal, life-death, inside-outside divisions cease to be necessarily opposites and open the possibility to think of other connections more fluidly like Yanomami-nape, even man-woman or local-universal. Sheroanawe’s work contributes to the task of desedimentating the categories petrified in disciplines and areas of knowledge.


‘Parimi Nahi’

24.09 – 20.11.2022

Centro de Arte Los Galpones, g6. (Caracas, Venezuela)

Tue – Fri 9-17h / Sa – Sun 11 – 16h