Àngels Ribé 'PAS MAL' at Centre d'Art Maristany

20 Oct 2021 - 05 Feb 2022

On October 20 Angels Ribé opens “Pas Mal” at the Centre d’art Maristany, an exhibition curated by David Armengol.

“‘Pas Mal’ reflects a state of mind; an unfavorable situation that, deep down, does not seem to be so bad. Under this premise, Àngels Ribé offers us an exhibition that is at the same time a performative sequence capable of addressing the instabilities of the present through four autonomous and complementary movements. It is therefore a choreographic game in which the coexistence between different moments of transit gives rise to an immersive, almost dreamlike installation, of which we are part without realizing it.

Without fully understanding what we are seeing, ‘Pas Mal’ establishes possible complicities through easily recognizable elements: a garden, a little train, some stones and a band of musicians. As we watch, everything moves around us creating concentric circles.

It is therefore an unexpected, delirious encounter, where each of the parts denotes a vital rhythm of its own. Some of these rhythms remain imperceptible, silent, while others bet on an epic intensity that transforms ordinary life into a singular event. ‘Pas Mal’ speaks to us of the scales of experience, and does so from a highly poetic literality.”

Text by David Armengol, curator