Laercio Redondo 'Opacitet (for Édouard Glissant)' at Södertälje Konsthall

20 May - 22 May 2021

Laercio Redondo‘s exhibition is opening today at Södertälje Konsthall (Sweden) and it will be on view for just three days.

The installation Opacitet (for Édouard Glissant), proposed by Birger Lipinski and Laercio Redondo, replaces the old floor of Södertälje Konsthall with a new pattern inspired in the weaving and basketwork of millennial indigenous people of the Americas and the Caribbean poet and philosopher Édouard Glissant.

In connection to this new floor being shown, the artists have chosen to invite the dancer and choreographer Michaela Meschke and the Compagnie Moveo to collaborate. With the floor as a frame, the film Feather Land – displacements without wings, is projected, where the performers’ costumes are also designed by Lipinski and Redondo.

What is unmentioned or veiled in this past history? And how can it be re-considered in the light of our present times? How can we deal with collective memory –or the lack of it–  in order to create dialogue and inclusive pathways for the future? are some of the issues that arise at this exhibition.

‘Opacitet (for Édouard Glissant)’
Södertälje Konsthall, Sweden
20.05 – 22.05