Soledad Sevilla Soledad Sevilla: "We artists spend our lives making the same painting."

24 May 2021

Teresa Sesé interviews Soledad Sevilla about the exhibition ‘Fictional spaces’, the first exhibition since 2013 in Barcelona.


TS: Ana Mas Projects gallery shows the genesis of her work, with pieces produced between 1969 and 1980. What does she see when she looks back?

SS: When something like this is proposed to me, at first I fell lazy, because I’m active and for me it feels almost like archeology, but then I love to see it. Finding myself with it now and verifying that it is still very interesting, that it has strength, that I was able to do it so many years ago … We artists spend our lives making the same painting. Because that geometry has really a lot to do with what I’m doing now. I have always or almost always filled the visual fields based on an element that is repeated and, by accumulation, it becomes something else. It is a constant. And that is still present.


La Vanguardia, May 24, 2021


Image: Soledad Sevilla at Ana Mas Projects, May 2021 ©Loida de Vargas