Lucía C. Pino 'YOU GOT TO GET IN TO GET OUT' at La Casa Encendida

07 Oct 2021 - 09 Jan 2022

Lucía C. Pino participates in the exhibition ‘YOU GOT TO GET IN TO GET OUT‘ at La Casa Encendida (Madrid).

YOU GOT TO GET IN TO GET OUT: El continuo sonoro que nunca se acaba [The Never-ending Sound Continuum] is a project based on the long-term research into techno conducted by curators Sonia Fernández Pan and Carolina Jiménez for La Casa Encendida. The result is an exhibition accompanied by other parallel activities and a book on the subject.

The project was launched in late 2018, drawing on the curators’ extensive experience of techno music on countless dance floors. In their own words, they tapped “a wide variety of knowledge gleaned from continuous journeys and remixes along its elusive genealogies, its rhythms on the surfaces and its mythologies in the depths, its most visible histories and its blurriest intra-histories, its footnotes, its beats in perspiring bodies, its canonical and apocryphal texts, its needle skips, its cultural objects, its moments of celebration and its spaces of conflict”.

Accompanied by a monthly programme of podcasts and a publication that compiles theoretical reflections on techno, the exhibition YOU GOT TO GET IN TO GET OUT: El continuo sonoro que nunca se acaba delves into the dance floor experience and how it is related to artistic practices, “putting forms of knowledge that openly know and recognise a visceral and corporeal dimension at the centre of attention, listening and contact”.

The artists and works brought together in the show intersect with techno culture and the dance floor through synaesthesias, rhythms and elements that are shared, repeated, appropriated and reworked. The exhibition will feature the sensuality of surroundings and the constant interactions between elements that are seemingly chronologically and spatially distant; the cultural uses of light and darkness, club architecture beyond architecture; the black roots of techno and its inherent socio-political power relations; the ritual forms of a collective body with a reiterative yet intermittent beat; the material dimension of techno and the anatomy of the individual bodies that dance to it; and the disappearance of the bodily source of voices transformed into sound.

Getting in to get out and getting out to get in to a never-ending sound continuum.

Curators: Sonia Fernández Pan and Carolina Jiménez