Carmen Mariscal ‘Érase… / Once upon a time...’, at Universidad del Claustro Sor Juana

01 Mar - 09 Apr 2022

Carmen Mariscal participates in ‘Érase… / Once upon a time…’, a double exhibition with Mercedes Gertz, curated by Karen Cordero at the Universidad del Claustro Sor Juana in Mexico.

“Through plastic metaphors and poetic and performative strategies, Mariscal and Gertz present us with decipherments of their subjective experience that discomfort, but also liberate us – opening the possibility of dismantling the power relations and histories of violence imbricated in material culture and in the spaces with which we interact, and making present and palpable the need to re-present and re-narrate them, in order to glimpse another future, personally and socially.”