Laercio Redondo 'Primal Power' at Hydra School Projects

25 Jul 2022

Laercio Redondo is part of the 23rd edition of Hydra School Projects, curated by the artist and curator Dimitrios Antonitsis.

The exhibition presents a colorful mosaic of 11 Greek and international artists with the title Primal Power. As Antonitsis explains: “Primal Power is the research on the Primordial Laws of Creation. It showcases both the infallible basis for a comprehensive understanding of the world and the solid foundation for all right reforms, irrespective of sector.”

The mobiles by Laercio Redondo exhibited at “Primal Power” originate from, and are inspired by, Maria Callas (1923-1977) and Diamanda Galás (1955-). The artist has also addressed other well-known cultural figures such as Carmen Miranda (1909-1955), Luz del Fuego (1917 –1967), Carmen Tórtola Valencia (1882 –1955) and Hélio Oiticica (1937 – 1980) in previous works.

The common thread that unites these diverse figures is the relation each maintains with music, the voice, and/or dance as a vital aspect of the body, which plays a central role in the artist’s choice of the individuals he chooses to portray.
Each figure casts in relief the question of representation through their performative bodies that are public but also political in relation to gender, sexual orientation and ethnic differences. They are bodies that hold or uncover the fantasies and anxieties of dominant ideologies.

The exhibition Primal Power takes place at the Merchant Marine Academy of the Greek island of Hydra.

Participating artists: Marina Abramovic/Ulay (USA), John Bock (Germany), Nathan Smith (USA),  Laercio Redondo (Brazil/Sweden), Frank Tjepkema (Netherlands), Zoe Gaitanidou (Greece), Harry Patramanis (Greece), Sotiris Bazianas (Greece), Marina Leonti ( Greece) and Dimitrios Antonitsis ( Greece).

Established in 1999 by Dimitrios Antonitsis, the Hydra School Projects is a nonprofit foundation that organizes exhibitions and supports publications that explore the relationship between contemporary art and culture. A catalog of the exhibition will be published in the form of Greek school composition book.

Hydra School Projects is supported by NEON.