Soledad Sevilla 'Paisaje, pensamiento, pintura', at Galería Fernández-Braso

26 May - 30 Jul 2022

The Fernández-Braso art gallery in Madrid brings together for the first time and under the title of “Landscape, thought, painting”, the Spanish artists Soledad Sevilla (Valencia, 1944) and Nuria Vidal (Madrid, 1967).  

Coinciding in the interest of both artists in what converges and is generated between painting and the forms and elements of nature and landscape, the exhibition shows and highlights two forms of aesthetic expression, values ​​and associations, both subjective and objective. . Memory, experience, perception…, identity, territory, time, existence…. From this confluence arise works of abstract appearance defined and formalized by different production processes that also evoke realities, environments and different singularities of the two artists summoned. 

Regarding the selected works by Soledad Sevilla, they belong to the vegetal wall paintings that she began to make in the mid-1990s, in which the geometric pattern or grid of her initial period was transformed into a vegetal magma of small brushstrokes. Evocation of walls, of vegetation. A baroque painting, which tends to infinity, transcendent, sublime.